Dragon City Game Tips For Collecting Free Gems in 2020

collect gems in dragon city

When you play the Dragon City game, you will earn purple gems. This will help you to buy the assets that you will need in every step of the game.

However, if you do not know the tips and tricks to earn these currencies of the game, it will be hard for you to sustain and build a farm to feed your dragons.

Ideally, there are seven ways to get these gems for free, and these are:

  • Get them each time you level up
  • Claim your daily bonus
  • Take part in exclusive rewards on Mondays
  • Participate in the surveys and promotions of the game
  • Invite your friends to play the game
  • Take part in Dragon League tournaments and
  • Build a Dragon Stadium for the creatures to battle.

With all these actions, you will earn a specific number of gems and money as well as you can see, that you will need to do a lot to obtain these gems, even for free.

Therefore, make sure that as and when you earn these gems and currencies, you save them to use them only when you need, for example, to unlock individual items. Do not splurge them and do not waste much time in speeding up your construction or hatching the dragon eggs.

Collect all your rewards

You must make sure that you collect all your points, rewards, and gems before you close, playing Dragon City. You must set up your farms so that you can generate the maximum number of crops to feed your dragons.

Make sure that you spend the maximum amount of time to collect the gems and gold from all available habitats even there is no icon visible. All you have to do is go to each of these habitats and select the Collect option. For getting gems in the game you can try dragon city hack mentioned at https://www.nosurveynohumanverification.com/dragon-city-hack-and-cheats-for-free-gems-gold-no-survey/

Consider the campaigns

While playing the game and collecting the gems, you must consider the campaigns or missions. These are the side events that come up from time to time and last only for a certain period, which is not more than 7 or 8 days.

The specialty of these campaigns is that these allow the players to collect unique units. These units are mostly themed. For example:

  • Medieval
  • Halloween
  • Egyptian and more.

You will need to do a diverse set of activities in these campaigns for which you will get two types of prizes.

One of these prizes is available only after the completion of the act, which has a 60 to 70% rate of monetization, and the other has a monetization rate of 100%. If you are an average player, you will have an excellent chance to win the first prize in time.

If you want to win the larger one, you will need to put in a bigger effort.

If you want the easy way out, you can purchase it all with hard currency. This is a handy and powerful monetization trick, but there is a catch in it. You may exhaust all of it while retrieving it according to the Reward Removal Coercive Monetization model.