Call of Duty Mobile Make Friends And Unlock Weapons


Multiplayer games are getting so much popularity because, in the current era of gaming, players love to play matches with friends and make new friends from games.

Call of Duty Mobile a popular game, and it is getting a huge number of gamers who are just getting start to playing because of its great features and multiplayer feature. Activision Publishing launched it for iOS and Android.

Many of the players who play Call of Duty Mobile have found friends by playing, which is a great thing. Battle Royale mode is to trend of mobile gaming, and now many action games have provided is a feature to enhance the growth of their game.

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the best games in which players can find new friends and play battle royale modes as well. Now, if you want to add with random people, then you can read below to know major information about it.

Play Squad match

In order to win and find new friends in Call of Duty Mobile, then the best way is to try is start the match with random people.

The server is so wide, and without any glitch and issue, you can add with any player and will be added with random players.

The majority of players start the match with friends because they can trust, and friends also understand the strategies faster and perfectly.

Make a perfect plan to survive

Surviving is an important thing, and if you want to earn lots of rewards in the game, than you have to survive until the match over.

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No player can survive without killing any player in game, and killing is also important and shoots them who come in front of you or can be a problem for in the future.

Win the match with the team

Whether you are playing friends or playing with strangers, winning matters to every player. Call of Duty Mobile is that type of game where players have to work as a team, and it can only lead the player to win.

If you and your team want to win the match then you have to work as a team and save each other from getting killed and kill those who try to hurt you and your team member.

Open crates for skins

In order to earn skins, you have to play lots of matches and also open the crates. There are several call of duty mobile hack and cheats that allows the players to earn the skins of game.

Many players buy skins, but it takes so much time. Although if you don’t want to spend so much time on unlocking the skins than just unlock the crates as much as you can because it will provide you a huge number of skins.

Earn COD points

COD points always help in what you want to unlock but takes a little extra time to collect the COD pints, but efforts matter a lot in action games. Play a match and win them, then you can have lots of COD points.