5 Smart Ways To Gain Free Coins In Slotomania


Casino games are an all-time favorite for many people, and if you want to play them on mobile, then you can go with The Slotomania Game.

The game is a wonderful option of various gamers, and we can also test our luck with several slot machines. It is compatible with many kinds of operating systems like IOS, android, windows, Xbox etc. in which you will get great fun with a large number of slot machines and poker games.

We can unlock many games with sloto cards. There is a big amount of currency used for leveling up, and the user can easily download the game by Google store or official game website. It is free of cost, but for new updates, we have to pay real money.

Uses of currency in Slotomania

There are different kinds of currencies like coins, gold and chips for major slots. They all are effective for powering up the performance in it.

Get more deep information about currency and rewards of Slotomania on their official site.

The player should not skip the currency and find some handy ways for it. Most of the players are generating free coins with various bets, so you have to ready for that. For capturing unlimited currency, the players can switch some smart ways.

Grab big jackpots 

The game is infested with huge numbers of jackpots, and for it, we can go to spin the wheel. With it, we can get more new chances, and you can grab a big jackpot.

Such jackpot comes with a handsome amount of chips. You can use chips in more slot machines, and such are helpful for wining in the game.

Join regular quests

On regular time some kinds of quests are available in the game, and the players must join them. Such quests are related with pokers and slots so we can easily answer in it. By getting success in it, we will receive a high amount of coins and rewards.

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Play in numerous slots 

Slot machines are a prime thing for us, and you have to beat them for earning more amount of currency. Everyone is playing in it and make a fair amount of currency.

You can also unlock new slots in the gameplay. The individual must have some chips for playing and win wonderful prizes or coins.

Daily free currency 

In the game, you will capture some slotomania free coins, and it is helpful for understanding the uses of currency. Most of the beginners are taking a great kick for leveling up with such kind of free amount. it may be not a stable way for earning.

Connect with Facebook 

You can enjoy it with your facebook friends, and for it, we the players should begin with the facebook account. Invite your friends and get some free coins prizes but that is only possible with one account.

The players can also take some profits with notification, so they have to enable them for upcoming bets. We can make some smart approaches for receiving enough amounts of coins.